"LIVE TOKYO Course" On this new plan you will be able to get off the vehicle to explore around two major spots: Meiji Shrine, built in the middle of an ideal eternal forest, and the city's symbol, Tokyo Tower.

At Meiji Shrine you can see the most representative Torii holy gate of Japan, while the Tokyo Tower's design and nostalgic feeling still attract several fans.

Also, from the roofless bus you will be riding through "Shibuya Scramble Crossing", the "never open railroad crossing", "Godzilla", the "stairs of Atago Shrine" and "Hachiko statue"! Have fun spotting them all!   

  • Admission fee for Tokyo Tower will be paid by yourself. (Main deck is 1,200 yen for adults)

LIVE TOKYO Course Departure time

From July 16, 2019



Adult : 3,000yen (Age 12 & over)
Child : 1,500yen (Age 3-11)
Infant : Free (Age 0-2)

Meeting place

Shinjuku I-Land Tower
in front of LOVE Statue

Please assemble 20 minutes before in the departure time.
Meeting place Information


Onboard and offboard visit experience.

LIVE TOKYO Course Itinerary

<Scheduled route> (Example of the view seen from the Car window)

  • Shinjuku Station (Departure place)
  • Godzilla Head
  • Never open railway crossing
  • Meiji Shrine (*1)
  • Shibuya Scramble Crossing
  • Hachiko Statue
  • Tokyo Tower (*1) (*2)
  • Atago Shrine
  • National Diet Building
  • Imperial Palace (*2)
  • 3.8 m Rail guard
  • Tokyo Station (Get off place)
  • (*1) Get off sightseeing 50min.
  • (*2) It is possible to get off on the way

Regarding Bypass route

  • Due to traffic restriction in area around the Imperial Palace, the bus will take a Bypass route.
  • Please note that the automatic navigation system is note available while on the Bypass route.
LIVE TOKYO Course Information
LIVE TOKYO Course Information
LIVE TOKYO Course Information
LIVE TOKYO Course Information

Meeting place

Shinjuku I-Land Tower
in front of LOVE Statue

LIVE TOKYO Course Information

Meeting Point landmark

  • Please assemble 20 minutes before the departure time.
  • Please confirm your participation at the reception desk 10 minutes before the departure time.
  • Meeting place departure time is 8:20(8:30 DEP).

Guide System in other languages

GPS based automatic navigation system is available in Japanese, Chinese and English for your convenience.
It will give you clear and detailed information. Please note that in case the guide system doesn’t work well for any unforeseen reasons, no refunds or alternative services will be offered.

  • When using automatic navigation system, each earphone is necessary.
  • Earphone jack supports only diameter 3.5 mm mini plug.

Free Wi-Fi Available

Buses Free Wi-Fi is also installed in the car.
It is also possible to gather information on smartphones, tablet terminals, etc. while using sightseeing windows, or to use SNS!


  • Always keep your seatbelt fastened; do not unfasten it until the bus attendant indicates to do so.
  • Passengers should prepare themselves properly according to outside temperatures and weather conditions. Make sure to have taken proper measures against cold winter or sunny summer.
  • Please do not reach out to the branches and leaves along the road as it can be dangerous.
  • Beware that due to rain or wind, clothing may get wet and hats or light belongings might be carried off by the wind, etc. Please make sure all your belongings are secured.
  • Please note that it is the guardian’s responsibility when there is a child on the bus.
  • Please note that only pet bottles and cups with a lid are allowed on board.
  • Once designated a seat, you will be using the same seat from the departure to arrival of the tour.
  • Please note that all available seats are on the 2nd floor and there are no seats on the first floor of the bus.
  • Passengers are not allowed to pick a seat while making a reservation.
  • Customers who are participating with more than 3 people might be asked to use a rear seat.
  • There is no bathroom in car.
  • The bus is not barrier-free so you need to get off wheel chair before taking bus.
  • About back seats, it might be happen to cover back seats with roof.
  • If you have heavy luggage, you can let your luggage at first floor when you take a bus.

In case of rain

  • Please be extra cautious since the stairs will be extremely slippery when boarding and getting off the bus.
  • Please note even when the rain has stopped, there might be raindrops from the trees and under railroad tunnel ceilings.
  • To ensure the safety of passengers and staff, we reserve the right to terminate or cancel bus operations in case of bad weather. Especially during strong wind, rain, snow, thunder and lightning when the Japan Meteorological Agency issues a warning for any of the 23 wards in metropolitan Tokyo.


  • Use of umbrellas (including parasols)
  • Standing while the bus is in motion
  • Trying to reach out of the bus edges
  • To get up and take pictures, videos
  • Food and drink (you can have a drink with a lid)
  • Smoking (electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco is also prohibited)
  • Selfie stick

Would you wanna lend out of all our double decker open top bus?

It`s also possible to decorate bus for birthday party, suprising your friends.
The price is depend on detail of how you wanna use bus so please contact us and tell the detail on Inquiry page!

  • When using a bus on a charter basis, it is necessary to have a security officer on board in accordance with the security standards. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • The contents of the special charter plan will be discussed in advance.
  • It is forbidden to stand up from the seat while driving. (Photo is when the vehicle is stopped)
Would you wanna lend out of all our double decker open top bus?
Would you wanna lend out of all our double decker open top bus?
Would you wanna lend out of all our double decker open top bus?
Would you wanna lend out of all our double decker open top bus?