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What is the minimum age requirement for a child to participate in this tour ?

There is no age limit. Infants can get on for free (on the knees) but only under the attendance of parents.
Children over 3 years old and infants who need a seat have to pay the children's fee (900 yen).
Please note that we are not responsible for any accidents that may occur due the carelessness of parents who have their children on board.

Is it possible to store suitcases and other luggage ?

We have big luggage and strollers.
Please note that you can only store the luggage during the bus ride and we cannot keep it for you in advance.
In addition, please manage your valuables on your own.

Doesn’t it get too cold in winter and too hot in summer since there is no roof ?

According to the weather conditions of the day, please take adequate measures for cold and heat by yourself.

What happens in case of heavy rain, Typhoon and heavy snowfall ?

We may suspend the tour when warning messages are issued within 23 wards of Tokyo due to bad weather (typhoon, heavy snowfall, rains etc.;) by the Meteorological Agency.

Can I eat or drink inside the bus ?

Its forbidden to eat and drink alcohol inside the bus.
Please note that only pet bottles and cups with a lid are allowed on board.

Is the seating only available on the second floor ?

The Open Top Bus only has seats on the second floor. (There is no boarding space available on the first floor)

Is there a toilet inside the bus ?

There are no toilets inside the bus. Since you will not be allowed to get off the bus during the ride, please make sure to finish your restroom breaks before getting on the bus.

Can I participate in the tour using a wheelchair ?

Since the bus is not designed for a smooth access to wheelchairs, you may not get on the bus using a wheel chair.

Is there an earphone to listen to the automatic navigation system ?

Earphones are sold for 100 yen at the meeting place or inside the bus before departure.
For those who wish to use the automatic navigation system, please purchase the earphones in advance.
If you are using your own earphones, please note that we will not be responsible for any damage or breakdown.

What do I do if it rains ?

We will sell raincoats on rainy days.
Please note that even if it rains, the seating will be on the second floor. Use of an umbrella is prohibited.
(The raincoat is sold at the meeting place / inside the bus before departure.)