Look up at the sky!!
Open Top Bus

Open Top Bus!

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Enjoy a 70-minute ride around Tokyo on this open roof bus that offers a spectacular panoramic view of the “Tokyo metropolis”!
A tour that allows you to feel, smell, hear and experience the city with all your five senses, leaving an unforgettable impression of Tokyo.

Bay Course

  • 10:30 departure
  • 14:50 departure
  • 18:00 departure

Bay course is highly recommended for a view of the "Rainbow Bridge" seen from the roofless bus.
Get a feel of the sky and Rainbow Bridge up close!
Apart from this, enjoy the breeze on your face with the bus running at 80km/hr on the freeway!


  • Adult : 1,800yen (Age 12 & over)
  • Child : 900yen (Age 3-11)
  • Infant : Free (Age 0-2)


  • approx.70min.

City Course

  • 12:10 departure
  • 16:30 departure

The highlight of the City course is the thrilling ride through the railroad with the railway tracks above your head.
Make sure look up to feel the excitement of having the train pass over your head!
During the Cherry blossom season, experience the spring breeze on your face.


  • Adult : 1,800yen (Age 12 & over)
  • Child : 900yen (Age 3-11)
  • Infant : Free (Age 0-2)


  • approx.70min.

Guide System in other languages

GPS based automatic navigation system is available in Japanese, Chinese and English for your convenience.
It will give you clear and detailed information. Please note that in case the guide system doesn’t work well for any unforeseen reasons, no refunds or alternative services will be offered.

  • When using automatic navigation system, each earphone is necessary.
  • Earphone jack supports only diameter 3.5 mm mini plug.

Free Wi-Fi Available

Buses Free Wi-Fi is also installed in the car.
It is also possible to gather information on smartphones, tablet terminals, etc. while using sightseeing windows, or to use SNS!

The new course will be operated
in July !

Now, We are making new course.
The one takes 3hours and departs Shinjuku, you also can take off some destinations in the midle of tour. Other one takes 70minutes and departs Ueno.
You are gonna love it!

Would you wanna lend out of all our double decker open top bus?

It`s also possible to decorate bus for birthday party, suprising your friends.
The price is depend on detail of how you wanna use bus so please contact us and tell the detail on Inquiry page!

birthday party
birthday party